Weekly Journal 1


Based on an experience of playing World War Craft, I found something new about the Digital Community and some flimsy views on people’s needs for playing this type of Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing games.

Different from any other Role-Playing games, WOW has giving more chance to the players to create their own character background, as a part of the Digital Community. Expect the skills for playing a game, the other big influence to the players that can make them be attracted by, is the social contact.

People need to find a sense of belongings wherever they are, the same as in the digital world. As for me, I didn’t quite feel at “home”. The most home feel place is the place where I was born, because it’s safe and surrounded by many new players and the NPC, thus I could feel more alive in the game world. When I find someone I’ve already known in the reality, I was more excited and felt close with them, like we are a team or a community in the fake world. That’s more supportive for me to have a reason to stay. At the same time, making friends online is not easy and efficient, because the sharing topic is limited especially for the new beginners. Unless talking about the things in real life, you won’t have any interesting topic to attract other players to be your friend, just asking about questions or how to do that task, that’s not helpful to enhance a relationship. But I admit that doing a mission together is the best way to make new friend, because you are working together and help each other just like make a living in the same world.

Starting to learn new rules for new world is always not easy, even in the game world. The new players are unfamiliar with everything so they have to focus on how to play and how to manage the character. This could leads to a person’s weakness situation that they would feel more need form others. Then, after this period of time, they start to face the choice about what to do next, continue to play or not.

It is hard to say how difficult to feel belongings depending on different personalities. In my opinion, there are two basic aims: one is to play and practice the technic of how to be a professional player or the winner in game, another is to enjoy a new world like traveling in the landscape and live a different life in the digital world. The later type is focusing on to be someone in the game background and to create self-story in the new world. And this type is also interested in building relationships. Game provide more opportunities to the player to have more chance to live an fancy life in it, fit their desire to control life and the needs to getting comfort from others. Therefore, most of the players need to find their communities to have a satisfied playing experience.

For me, I’d like to be part of the crowd, but most of the time I have to be alone, because the people I know in the reality, we don’t have the same timetable for playing games. I find out it is the main problem for off-line friends to always being together in the digital world, so we have to be alone for most of the time and that lead to the situation which we have to make new friends on-line to the people you may not know. Just from the game’s aspect, I will really enjoy working together with others to do something challenge because even we fail, we could start again. The feelings of undead is another living way in a game play. If the rules have more differences from real world, the more interests we will have. I think most people will behave as what they are in the real world, but I also believe that some people will behave in a totally opposite way, expressing their primitive personality inside which does not fit in the real world or they just can’t do in the reality.

The feelings follow me online is freedom and concentration. It’s not strange for the addicted player who behave that way in the video we saw before, because I could finally understand why people are so concentrate on their playing. From the appearance, they do look odd in front of the screen in an unusual way, but it’s reasonable. Players have to concentrate and use their brain to solve every problem one by one, you have to focus on the screen to notice everything that could happen. We do some facial expressions just like we are reading books or watching TV, even more seriously, we a controlling the story after all.

After I get familiar with the controller, I began to enjoy the freedom feeling in the digital world. Actually it’s not totally free because of the bored NPC and you have to follow the story line, but the relive and the fearless of anything is the most freedom in a fake world. Anything could be explored without too much worry, and could enjoy the killings which are entirely impossible in the real world. That is another aspect of the human’s nature which can be satisfied by the game.

The communities in the game are easier to be made, because they share the same interest and the similar value of playing this game. Thus it has more possibility than the real world to make friends who have the same taste as you. I think this is more like a club, or a tribe in the game area when talking about in the reality.


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