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Sensory research _ IKON GALLERY


The secret trip was an art gallery which interested me so much. I found it helpful to open my mind and broaden my horizons about materialize art and thoughts.



In the beginning I showed is the Font work of her print on the handbook for that exhibition and the artist’s official website welcome page. This new typeface Font, is a family tree arrangement, and unpredictable bastardisation of styles and behaviours. There are also some words on the wall in her exhibition with the stone chairs, I thought their styles really match, the format is perfect, so I took a wonderful photo. The distinct style impressed me when I remember the theme of her exhibition ‘The bastard word’ (2007).


The white neon lights gives out an emotion of pure and chaste, in the dark background. I even can’t imagined the title would be like that meaning before I looked up the word ‘Bastard’ in dictionary. In Banner’s thoughts, she believes that the language has power, and it’s the blood of our thoughts. This art work also expressed her fear of language and communication. In this works, she is trying to fix some language which can’t be fixed, because we can’t fix meaning… The language could be made, but its struggle to control the meaning of it. What a great mind! The feeling becomes clear when I saw it, especially under the particular circumstances, and I completely sank into the same helpless sympathize with her.



There were anther work with pure looking, is the glass tube, more akin to the neon light among her other works. ‘Work 3’ (2014) is a glass scaffold, but actually I didn’t realize that it could hold people. I thought its weak and the structure is also uncommon. But on earth, it was a real tool preparation of an exhibition for making art works. Now it has its own position showing while the exhibition besides the preparing process. It’s a bridge between the thoughts and the practice, between the artist and the art work, not existing and existing.




The last one of my favourite is ‘The Nam’ (1997), the work that made her prominence with her wordsapes, by writing transcriptions of iconic films in her own words. The huge book includes 1000 pages describing some Vietnam war-films. And the ways of showing is also trippy when presenting. The animating colour lights changed constantly with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, make people in a freak environment of non-reality space. It’s like a hallucinogenic or the sequela of the war, just more than you can imagine and describe. The feeling of panic and vertiginous make the audience interest and afraid as well. It’s a good example of combining the context with the feeling on appearance.




I think I am infected with some kind of path to approach the meaning of some thoughts in the ways of art, also the sensory ways of expressing, not only via the visual part. There are more ways of making a normal object get its feelings or actions, transform into another display. There are more to explore, more to research, more to learn.



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