Media theroy

‘Bed is the tomb of youth’ , Catacombs

MEDIA THEORY _Walter Benjamin and the Arcades Project

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When is comes to ‘catacombs’, one of the category in the projects of Walter Benjamin, it remind me of a book named ‘Bed is the tomb of youth’ which was written by a chinese writer.

1The title emphasis that young people ruin their youth in bed, waste their treasurable energetic and fresh time killing their health and future. For nowadays, young people’s life is going to be more unhealthy because of the development of our convenient lifestyle. Some of them spend their days lying on bed, sleeping or playing on electronic devices. You can order food online, shopping online, chatting online and even earn money online. Without leaving your bed, you could spend your whole day!

Young people should be diligent, to make a sustainable living development for their body and ability, because lazy is the begin of a miserable life. You are putting yourself on a way to death if you rely too much on the products which can help you to be lazy.

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For Walter Benjamin, his central preoccupation is what he calls the commodification of things -a process in which he locates the decisive shift to the modern age. Now, we are living in the modern age and using almost everything of commodity. I think this might be the connection between catacombs and Bed.


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