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Sensory research _ AI WEIWEI

For our last field trip in this term, CCM students went to the Royal Academy of Arts Exhibition about Ai Weiwei. Its really sensitive to talk about him as a Chinese in the public media,so I will only talk about my opinion in the sensory analysis aspects, without any other judgement to evidence my political position.


Beside his self introduction panel, there is an totally empty frame shows even without white paper on the wall. From audiences eye, if someone can’t read, he might think that the frame may be used for decorating; for someone who can read English, the contrast between our mind and eyes is metaphorically implies that there should be a portrait in the frame, but its not. This kind of design is like playing trick between thinking and eyes, to make audience notice while they are reading. The interaction is very sensation.

Breaking the dimensional limits is another way of constructing a visual impact. The changes made up by some slightly details could buildv a big difference of common sense on many usual objects. I think its another kind of trick on sensory design to extend the sight effectiveness. This reminds me of the famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali, the similarities of the sense of space disordered, inspired me from some aspects. The wood table and the chairs standing in their unique way showing off their special positions in the same dimensions of us, and breaking our rules for the 2D perspective sight.

The tea cube is my favourite one as it smelled really good, and the skin texture gave me a comfortable touch experience. The attributes of tea leaves evoke a strong feeling of history and culture background: the brown colour,the hay looking but moist tactile impression, the fragrance of tea, all these formed a pleasant cube, especially its huge. I can feel its weight in both sight and heart, from appearance to context, thus the affect becomes bigger than usual.

Finally, most of his works are installation art, and I hope this will help me accept more thinking and formats within art creation. Also, many stuffs he used are things that I could fine in China, I felt more familiar but in a new way. Cheers!




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