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Computer art_Progress of making it real!

Computer aesthetic is not a new creation, it did a lot of reproducing and inherited form the traditional art, just like it’s the combination of technology and art.

As with all Pixar has been involved in, and keep in the computer animation industry generally prevailing  attitudes film, Toy Story involve an attempt to create visible through other means or on behalf of the old ways. (Andrew 2007) The animation series is the main aesthetic evaluation that I have had as a child. This form was covered most of the impression about digital beauty culture, and still have a deeply influenced in the reality aesthetic especially in China and other Asian countries. For my generation, our youth wasn’t built by traditional media, the internet separate our ways of communication and receiving the mainstream value which will be pressed and edited in the traditional media. So the influence of the aesthetic will also be changed by this, and we not only could value the pictures or videos, but also value the whole information that provided for us through digital world. Another example of the aesthetic in digital culture comes into reality is the concert of Hatsune Miku, a digital character which has come to visualize in the real world. The virtual singer was not real, even has to rely on the technology to ‘be’ in the real world, and even though the songs are made by computer not her, she is still that popular, and I believe that is the best example of how people love the digital so much, even bring the aesthetic character into real life.

Here are the examples of showing the visual environment of the digital animation aesthetic has grown from 2D to 3D, the development give out a strong meaning of what they will be next time, the tendency in future.






2D in real



3D times






Early computer generated




computer generated reality



computer generated with human reality



computer generated reality



Enter a caption








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