Digital research-Diaries

Reflection on feedback 1

As for the first essay, I just got a big picture of my thinking but not sure what exactly is was. The ideas are like fabrics, without links and theories, and most of them are just came from my mind which I think were right and fair. I think it might be the topic I chose is uncommon so I spent most of the time searching for materials that exactly suits me and could lead me. Undoubtedly, as a Chinese and a beginner, picking an uncommon topic is like digging up a hole for myself. I know my content is too abstract and general, because I cant find anything helpful and practical either, especially this aesthetic is basically based on the Eastern culture, thus the literature as reference or journals are almost zero. And I know as a beginner of the researcher, I need to find more supporting materials to move on, the skill of searching is what I need to improve firstly. Ady gave me some good advice about the example and relations. Hope I could figure out more details about my topic.


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