Digital research-Diaries

An APP: miku game 

This is what I’ve found really cute and seems like it is a popular mini game among miku fans.

It is a photo-shooting game with model-editing (AR camera) which you could set up a model of Miku to make her taking photo with the real world background.

The simple 3D game contains many interesting chances that player could be creativity to make Miku living in a real life scene, by controlling her position, her emotion on face, and the lenses of the camera. The design reminds me of her main features of ‘being in the reality’ with a cartoon looking style, the aesthetic which totally different from the real life, just like her concert. But this time, I feel more lovely about her without knowing the reason. So I think this is the reason undermine waiting for me to find out, with the theory and knowledge I learned. I think human are tend to like the things that simulated as the real and have less distances.


‘Miku pictures’ (screenshots)




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