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Research dairies __Miku in Weibo

Today I did a research about Hatasun Miku in the media platform of Sina Weibo in China. It’s a social media platform, microblogging (weibo) website. Akin to a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, it is one of the most popular sites in China, in use by well over 30% of Internet users, with a market penetration similar to the United States’ Twitter.


In this platform, Miku seems context seems full of public relations and markting, ads, poster of activities. It’s too official like this account is running by the company, so the comments under each blog is really few, just the meaning of ‘I wanna buy it’ or ‘ so cute’. The interesting one might be the news from Japan about her, but mostly they are like the announcement for her schedule or new activity around her products. She is like a actual human star but almost No private, personal blog, except festivals. But still no emotions.



Miku instant noodle


Miku Bus

Apparently, in this platform, the official seems not intend to communicate too much with the audiences, this is just a place to be a news collection and economic board, for the fans to get the latest trends in China about her.

I found one blog which Miku had replied with the fans is about to answer the question of time essus of her live show. And the fans was excited she said something to answer, but from my view, it’s just like the assistent works, anyone in the official could answer. This kind of interaction is not what I want, but viewing the old blogs is a bit boring but also give me a chance to get to know about her fans in another perspective.

Mostly fans will eager for thief idol to have more interaction with them in the social media, but what if the star is not a real human with independent thinking? She has 390,000 follwers but only around no more than a thousand comments on each blog, what does this mean?!!

But when I enter the # keywords about her, more recreations about her appears and they seems like endless, the resources are increasing everyday into the story of her materials and they are all coming from her fans! No matter how they did! This kind of group of audiences can feed themselves without the idol to be really interact! The works blog posts are mostly paintings and cosplay.


I am shocked about their endless passion that different from any other idols, her fans could create a countless different kind of her being renewed everyday. This might be one of the obvious difference on virtual idol and real.


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