Material Culture

Objects in my bag 



When I empty my bag and put them in order, I finally realized what kind of person am I from my objects I took with. It’s like an invisible mirror I’ve never noticed before. The contents in my bag changes sometimes, but there are still something stay with me all the time even I change my bag. It appears that I always want to keep myself clean and comfortable, a kind of plain which means someone faces the nature of life. The most interesting one is the white plastic bag, that directly shows out my efforts to save resources and money. My teacher was surprised about my well-organized display and the two sweets, I agree its really cute to find food in someone’s bag. For me, it represents part of security that I treat myself good in my own way. Actually, I seldom buy costa cause I am not found of coffee, I forgot to take my water bottle that day so I brought a cup of hot chocolate.

It’s obvious that I am a pragmatism, each of them holds an important assistance to me. The only one which seems extra is the little linen sack. It’s a gift from my good friend with her lucky wishes. And among these, there are two gifts, one is the linen sack, another is the pink mirror. Inside of the linen sack is an Amethyst stone, which is considered to bring wisdom and good luck. I take it with me everyday because I like the thing comes from nature and it’s meaningful to me that I believe in her wishes. And it’s a prove of our friendship as well.





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