Digital research-Diaries

Feedback 2

This time, I think I’ve found some of the relevance of this topics, as the materials are useful and I feel like I am going to find more, even none of them are directly talking about Miku or this kind of thing, but I could get more basic and fundamental things which are really helpful for me to analyses her and to create more. The courses in CCM also helps me a lot from different aspects that could give me more inspirations. I was planning to do the sensory research but I didn’t think I did it right. I really need to find another similar but better way to do a better research to get more close to what I want, just like Ady suggested ‘I need to relate the idea back to academic research. The more I find, the more confused I will have, as I need to read more and more for just a small idea to make it academic and useful, the more I have, the more I abandon. And I still feel a bit confused about how to make the research more academic. Because I did it as freely as I want, due to I use the internet freely without category. I will find a way to overcome.


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