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Topic 2: reflection on ‘everyday story’

This week, we learned more depth on different kinds of “Journey”. The whole class did a brainstorm about this word and appreciated diverse photography works that covered this idea. It mainly conclude in two parts, one is the mental part, other is the physical part.

In a time span, many things have changed, in any dimensional change, could be called Journey. For physical part, anything could be a subject, not only human but also things, animals, even germs or atom. Or, to be more generalized, it could be one specific action of doing something, the process of these. On the mental part, even sightless stuff are included, such as our thinking, memory, dream, feeling, experience, etc. That is not to say we can easily capture it or being understood by someone else, but using photography to express is a way of visualize an idea. In the language of photography, there are many things for me to learn and get to practice.

“There are many other roles photography can play: mixtures of fact and fiction, art and science, communication and non-communication.”                     Langford, M

To think in a different aspect of last week’s task, “my way to school”, I did another thoughts about this topic and reflects in another way of doing this task. Here are my retired of the works, without the physical journey side, totally different from the set of pictures before, its only one sheet but holds meaningful context.

For a graduate student, the words ‘way to school’ hold a significant different feeling of my memories for the past. When I was in university and high school, my dormitory sat just a street across from my department building. The most deeply memories of this topic impacted strongly in my feeling is my experience in primary school, and the way I walked to school. The opposite feeling from now is the time to go and the environment dues to the different time period. So, when it comes to ‘the way to school’ , my first feeling is a bit chilly, white, sleepy, in an early morning without sun light, and thus also comes along with a bit upset and passive. Now, as the condition of a graduate, most of my classes begin around in the evening. The same thing is the temperature is low as well, and no sun light either. It’s no longer passive but my mood keeps calm with a bit of blue. I think most of the differences are owing to the sun, one is before sunrise, the other is after the sunset. I am no longer sleepy at all, so I don’t feel passive, but a new feeling rises tinily like just a sip of being elder. Taking classes is not like the old way any more, and the way to school changed not only because of the different places.


I am getting old, and I am changing. I saw many younger school girls with uniforms coming towards me, after classes, are on their way home. They were walking on the other side of the rode, not too far nor too close, heading towards the opposite direction from me, chatting and laughing together. Even we come from different nationality, once a while I felt like I could saw myself among them, gaily like an alive and kicking bird. And then, that ‘me’ passed by, on her way of leaving me. The theatrical sense arose my sensation of lost, and realized how am I different, from the past self.

I don’t like to directly google the key words “Journey photography” to see others finished thinking of works. I think I enjoy the feeling of developing in my own opinion, under the willing of looking for a different experience. I found an interesting game called “JOURNEY” giving me a wonderful showing of the fancy digital symbolic beauty of visual story, representing a poetic process of journey. Its a life-span of being on the way for an infinite loop on an destination to our ends. Not inspired much, but I like the unique form of storytelling.


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