Material Culture

Body with Object

In this week, I got to know our body in a unique way, thus we have our own materiality, to consider our body as a text, a physical object.

Our body was treated as object when the time we came in this world, the materalization categories us into different gender, culture, region and tradition that permeate into our skin as body-practice. But due to the objectivity world we are living in, we interdependent from both aspects. All the things in the world, include us, define each other, build our own subjectivity, could be part of personal embodiment. For example, I have some limited things in my bag, and different people choice different objects they take with. As the time goes by, we choice the objects and they shape us into varieties person in return. Then it becomes a personal signature which is part of one’s style and personality. A tough guy could have cigarette, lighter, even a  knife with him, while a cute girl would have candies, lipstick, pinks, mirror with them. The stuff living with us, directly from the intimacy of our body, begin the our skin. ‘The skin marks the policies and differences between inside and outside…. Nancy discusses the skin as an exposure to the other, as always passing from one to the other.’ (Ahmed 2000)

To show a more intimate relation with my object, my personal nature leads me to do a common subconscious act–touch it. Its accustomed to touch something you are interested in especially when adults are shopping or children are learning the world. We almost use our hand to be the second ‘eye’ to know better about an object, our skin need to feel it to finish the confirmation of how we know it. Something beyond the skin, could give the practical information about the object thus we build a connection or communication with the object. My soft skin and the firm epidermis of crystal build an contract feeling and inner magnetic interaction which is hard to describe but truly exist, and that is the reason why its been always saying that crystal could change the luck and make good influence, in a scientific aspect.

From the picture, you could see that the gesture I use for holding it is like a way of view and admire, within the emotion of respect and treasure. It looks pure and beautiful thus I can’t take it impolitely, and the cold heavy feeling of it gave me a pressure to did that without hesitate. It was “it’s” characteristics that led me to do the interaction.


Amethyst with Me

I think the relationship between me and the amethyst is different from the other objects. Because most of the objects are artificial, they have no attributes of natural, their personalities are designed and defined by human, which means they don’t have the independence of being their own equal subjectivity as an individual. As an original stone, the amethyst is like the spring water from mountain, or the snow from the sky, or the grass growing from the land. It is part of the world of nature. The cool felling of touching it gives me an unspeakable move of the nature. The power of its own background as a crystal influence me in some ways. I love the things that comes from nature, they hold their histories like a kind of life, which makes them more unique and meaningful. The communication between my body and the object is our power’s exchange, the beyond words is a more natural way belongs to the creatures made by the world.



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