Digital research-Diaries

Research daires_ Self performing as MIKU !

I accidentally found a really awesome software called ‘Facefig’, with my research object Hatasun Miku character inside! This app really work out a good quality of the ‘live face-simulating’ as a virtual character, a fantastic embody experience with the digital devices. ‘FaceRig is a program that lets you embody awesome characters, with total freedom of face expressions and emotions in real time, by just using a webcam. ‘ (more detail at: )

Below is the image of my tests enjoying with her cute face! It could copy your basic emotions of your facial features’ movement by the pointing function, track your changes in real time. And could also speak by copying voices. My video below was a trying to make me as Miku singing, pretending to be as her, ‘me’ performing the act, and playing the Chinese song from Joyce.

This really offset my pity for wantting to know her by the original platform–Vocaloid. Because the original software she came from (Vocaloid) is too expensive.( tenfold than Facerig ) Even they are different types, but this one still relevant a lot and help a lot on my research! First, just enjoy my draft show!


Screenshot of the face catching panel


As I am not familiar to make a perfect tracking, some eye movement are strange,and the actions sometimes not match well,  but this just belongs to the technique part, I still feel satisfied and happy and exciting about this work.

I think this is more real than playing an avatar in the game world like WOW, because you could be feel from using the media–mouse to control. The embodiment is more real and alive, with the feeling of she is talking with you or as you are just looking at the mirror! And the longer the stronger feeling of becoming a cyborg emerges!

Inspired by this, later I will constantly do some research about interaction media and the virtual reality immersion to get to know more about why and how people are found of addicting into the digital world and the virtual characters.



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