Post photography

Final work – Journey ‘ going to sleep’


This is my final work. The process and development of this project has been elaborated in the previous blog ‘Project: process and research collections’.

Final works:

What is journey? It is to search, to discover, to experience. Even there might be nothing in the end, but we still have the process. And mostly it counts. Having this in mind, I excluded many characteristics of different types of photograph, in case of focusing more on the progress, the experiences of a viewer could have during my sets of pictures. It should be gilding, sequential, and integrated.

This is A visual feeling progress, the journey you use your eye as feelings, the visualisation of feeling. In my view, after reading the book “post-photography”, I conclude that post-photography is a middleman as the boundary of a traditional photography to an image. It’s no longer a naive realistic shooting, or a generated image by computer, but a subjectivity and intent activity that a photographer use to create their own pictures. It’s more like fluid, dynamic concept of a multiple pathway. As in the book said “Post-photography is a moment, not a movement. …The artist-working-with-photography featured in this book- do not subscribe to a common philosophy of image-making. But their works, do visibly share a social and technological context.” ( Shore 2009:7)

“Photograph is no longer a tangible object, a rectangle resembling a painting, but an ephemeral image made of tiles.”  (Fred, Ritchin)

So, based on this course’s demands, to investigate collaborative and trans-media approaches of storytelling, within the impact of post-photograph discourse. I tried my best to be both creative and descriptive on the final work of a story poem, Journey.

My project started with truth or fiction: ‘the aim of life is to transcend the apparently obvious, the stone we stub our toe against, or the body as the core of our sensuous existence. Truth comes from our apprehension that this is mere illusion.’ (Miller 1998) If focus on too much, the truth seems changed. As a picture, could be guessed into different things. This is the tricky of the camera between truth and fiction, about Whole and partial.

In the photography history, many things has been changed, improved, and going to the post future. But what has been excluded? I tried to think over the question that within so long of the development in media, where there is one thing still stays the same. The blind. What Facebook had done first is to read words which describe the picture for them while they click on the picture.

I think as a post-photographer, skills are not satisfied enough for the mass media age, that I want to combine both easy shooting way to meaningful tries. I want to detach the feeling of a photo from just only visual but also senses. It seems like, under the post-photography’s name, anything unusual could have a chance to be understood in the creators way, not the normal judgement.

For my final work, under the topic of Journey, and inspired by truth or fiction, I choose to do a simple action in a different way. Intended to make my journey easily to be understood by all, including the blind people. The textual of everything in your hands, along your body, could be the ‘photos’ in your so-called ‘eyes’. And that is the way how blind people ‘see’.

I tried to visualize the touch feeling of an object which also could be printed in the ‘concavo-convex’ form. Just like the blind hole on paper. That both of the blind or normal people could ‘ read’ the picture to know my ‘ journey to sleep’, give them an intact experience, as the sharing feelings, through out my work.

In the technique part, I only use my phone to shoot, and has tried many picture APPs to achieve my goal. I wanted to finish it only with a phone to show that it has universality as the mass media age, to keep it simple. I think after people see the texture, they may constantly recall some of the feelings on the objects, and may reach a Synaesthesia association with my individual personal experiences. In my opinion, the process is the most essential part of the journey, that each picture could take the audience into an ongoing path to the ends. My destination is to get into my bad, so I chose some procedures of what I normally do before lying on the bad. The objects I use, and the things I could touch and feel. If do not to print them out, it can treated as visual artworks, but it’s better with the hard copy one, which could show my ideas outside totally.


Here are my steps of the process to go to sleep. Within 15 pictures.

After I read book, I step into the washroom from the carpet and mat, go to use the toilet paper first, the start to take a show. while I am in a shower, I brush my teeth and wash my body with the abstergent tools, and sometimes touch the smooth porcelain occasionally. Then I use towel to dry my body and put on some night cream. After that, wearing my pajama, lie down on the bad, feeling the same cloth of my pillow and quilt, without pajama, I also could feel my skin. After that, the whole world constantly become dark.


















That’s the end!

Thank you



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